Helms Hill Farms offers a select number of horses for sale every year. Each ad is detailed, so please read it all before contacting us with questions. Each of these horses, including consignment horses, have been with us for at least fourteen (14) days, most at least six (6) months. Pre-Purchase Exams are welcome and encouraged at buyer's expense. No horse will be held without a minimum deposit of 15% of the final sale price. We do offer shipping to surrounding states at a rate of $3.50/mile.



 If you’ve been following our page, you already know Janie’s story. If not, go check out our blog post!

She’s come a long way in the last year! 

Janie is a grade mare. She’s been vet aged at 14 years old and stands a stout 15 hands. 

Janie is now a productive member of society, albeit a bit of a spoiled girl. Janie lunges, stands tied, loads well, stands for vet and farrier, is great for fly spray/fly mask/blanketing, loves baths, is a fairly easy keeper, lives out 24/7, is middle man on the totem pole, gets along with mares, geldings, donkeys, cows, and youngsters. Loads and hauls well. WTC under saddle, rides bitless or with a snaffle, good on trails or in an arena, but does do best with a buddy on trails. No buck, bite, bolt, rear, kick etc. UTD on vaccinations, farrier, chiro, teeth floating, current negative Coggins. Janie is NOT for a beginner at this time as she does have some quirks. Her ideal home would be with someone who rides consistently or someone with time for a project. $2000 obo



Britt is currently on consignment with us. She stands at 15 hands and is finishing up a tuneup with us. While she is still green, she is WTC under saddle with good ground manners. No buck, rear, bolt. Stands for tacking/untacking, baths, fly spray, vet, farrier, but does need some more work with her hinds. Sound barefoot, UTD on Coggins. She does have a few quirks that we are happy to discuss with potential buyers. Britt is a very athletic mare with a lot of potential to go any direction. Britt does need a confident intermediate to experienced rider.



Helms Hill Farms is proud to offer Jackson for your consideration! Jackson is a 13 year old grade chestnut overo gelding standing at 15.2 hh in on consignment. Jackson stands tied, stands for vet and farrier, stands to be groomed, tacked up and mounted. Loads and hauls well, lives out 24/7 (does well in a stall if needed), and has great ground manners. He is low man on the totem pole and gets along with mares, geldings, or a mixed herd. Easy to handle, can be harder to catch if pastured with one that’s hard to catch. Not spooky, used to tractors, fourwheelers, dogs, and farm equipment. No buck, bite, rear, kick, bolt, crib etc. Jackson has two brand new front shoes on, courtesy of Raymer Performance Equine, and does do best with shoes as he’s got tender feet. Jackson does have two blue eyes and a bald face so he does need UV protection on sunny days (fly mask). Under saddle, Jackson is very much a “we’ll get there when we get there” laidback kind of guy. He’s not cut out for speed, so no he won’t make your kid’s next barrel horse. Stands to be groomed, tacked, and mounted. Rides best bitless, but will ride in a snaffle. Great out on trails or in an arena, alone or in a group. Easy walk/trot, a little stubborn on the canter but will do it with encouragement. Jackson was previously a lesson horse and has belonged to an 11 year old for the last year and a half. Can be a little barn sour when riding out alone, nothing unsafe, just tell him to move out. Jackson’s ideal home would be someone who loves to trail ride and enjoy the scenery! An advanced beginner can handle him. 
UTD on farrier, teeth, massage, current negative Coggins in hand. Located in Lincolnton, NC. $3500



Goose is a coming two year old (5/6/2020) blue roan AQHA gelding. He’s out of Funny Pumpkin Gal, a 27% Blue Valentine mare, and by Reno Royal Blue, an 87.93% foundation bred stallion. Goose loads, leads, ties, stands for baths/grooming/farrier/vet, and is lunging WTC. Goose should mature to 15-15.1 hh and is built like a tank. He’d make a fantastic roping, barrel, or ranch prospect as he’s shown quite a bit of natural agility and cattiness. He’s got a very in-your-pocket personality and is very well mannered. We are waiting on his AQHA paperwork to come back. $3500. Delivery available. 



Forget the Cadillac, we’ve got the Bentley!! Helms Hill Farms is proud to offer Bentley for your consideration. Bentley is a 10 year old grade Tennessee Walker gelding. He stands a stocky 15.1 hh. Bentley stands tied and in crossties, stands for vet and farrier, stands for baths and grooming, to be tacked up. Bentley loads and unloads like a dream on everything from a straight load with a ramp to a step up slant load. Lives out 24/7, gets along with everyone, is low man on the totem pole, and a fairly easy keeper, no maintenance required. Currently barefoot, but did have front shoes for tougher terrain. Not food aggressive and very respectful of personal space. Bentley has impeccable ground manners, lunges well off of vocal cues, and is very smart. Bentley has a fantastic, extremely smooth, ground-covering gait. He does need a confident rider, at least intermediate experience, as he does have a large motor. Bentley is a sensitive horse, so he’s not a good fit for a timid or inexperienced rider. No buck, rear, kick, bolt. This is not your easy-going husband horse. This is your big motored, let’s get somewhere horse. Bentley can be harder to catch if pastured with more dominant horses. If pastured alone or with other “low man” horses, he’s usually fine. Bentley would be a fantastic endurance or competitive trail prospect or just a flashy trail horse! He’s a very sweet boy and absolutely the most willing to please guy. UTD on vaccinations and current negative Coggins in hand.



4 year old standard jenny “Gwen” (light gray) and yearling (as of 5/15) jenny Gaia (bay)

Been out with cows, horses and other donkeys, friendly and sweet, but not broke. Never offered to kick or bite, respect all types of fencing, easy to load. 

Read: will eat out of your hand but not halter broke. Gaia is very friendly and much more sociable than her mama and has worn a halter a couple times. $400 together



Helms Hill Farms is proud to offer TC Black Valentine aka Marshall for your consideration! 

Marshall is a 4 year old blue roan AQHA registered gelding standing at 15 hands with a little more growing to do. (Rider in pictures/video is 6’2”) Great ranch lines on top, with Hancock and Blue Valentine being major names, and some pleasure and cutting breeding on bottom, with names such as Zippo Pine Bar and Poco Bueno. 

Marshall is WTC under saddle, picks up both canter leads, lunges well off of verbal cues, 

He gets along well in a group, but is low man on the totem pole. Stands tied, to be tacked, for mounting/dismounting, for baths/fly spray, and for vet and farrier. He currently wears front shoes. Crosses creeks, ditches, and bridges with no issues. 

UTD on all vaccinations, farrier, and deworming. Current Coggins in hand. 

Marshall is still green, but has not offered a buck, rear, bolt, or kick. Not spooky. The only vice we’ve found is that occasionally he’ll paw when bored or impatient. He’s been ridden English and western. He is a slower ride. He’d be perfectly happy walk along on trails but will trot and canter when asked. Very comfortable gaits with easy steering. 

Well suited to trails, ranch work, or even the hunter ring. Was exposed to mounted shooting previously. He is not suitable for speed events, so no, he won’t be your next barrel horse. 

This is a very solid-minded 4 year old and it takes a lot to phase him. However, he is not suited to a beginner or a child due to his age. A confident intermediate could handle him easily. He would be best suited to someone who has the time to keep him in a consistent schedule as he matures. 

Videos coming soon! 


XEROX $2500

Helms Hill Farms is proud to offer Xerox for your consideration. 

Xerox is an 8 year old grade chestnut Appendix gelding standing at 14.3 hh. He is WTC under saddle, picks up both leads, and lunges well off of verbal cues. Good ground manners, easy to catch, lives out 24/7 and is an easy keeper. 

Stands tied, good for the farrier and vet, loads and hauls well. Stands to be tacked up and mounted. 100% sound. He does wear front shoes as we have very rocky terrain. 

Xerox rides both English and western, out on trails or in an arena. Rides in a snaffle or bosal. Not the biggest fan of cows but doesn’t cause an issue for him. No issues with other horses or farm animals. Fairly quiet under saddle, more of a kick ride. 

Xerox does throw an occasional crow hop (one time in the month he’s been here). He has been vet checked and cleared. We are happy to discuss details with serious interested parties. 

Xerox is a sensitive horse who needs an environment and owner he can depend on and turn to for his own confidence. 

Xerox could easily go almost any direction in any discipline. 

He is NOT kid safe, grandma safe, or beginner safe. He needs at least an intermediate rider. 

He’s a very sweet boy but does take a little bit to warm up to new folks.