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HHF Fly Spray Recipe

It’s that time of year again!

Fly season is almost upon us! Time to share our homemade fly spray recipe!

If you’re like us, you hate flies. You also hate having to continually buy fly spray because you go through gallons upon gallons in the summer. You also hate the perpetual game of “this fly spray worked before but doesn’t now” and so on.

Now remember, this isn’t going to kill the flies, just repel them.

Here’s what we’ve found that works and only costs a few bucks a gallon!

HHF Fly Spray

1 part apple cider vinegar

1 part white vinegar

1 part yellow Listerine

A few squirts of baby oil (Skin So Soft works as well)

A squirt of Dawn dish soap

We mix up a gallon at a time. The vinegars and Listerine repel, the dish soap acts as a surfactant, and the baby oil puts a little moisture back into the coat and skin as vinegar can be very drying.

All of these ingredients can be found at a grocery store of Dollar General. Maybe $10 total and you can make multiple gallons from those ingredients.

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