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The Business

When people ask what I do for a living, I hesitate to say I’m in the horse business. While it’s the easiest answer, it isn’t the most accurate.

Yes, I’m in the horse business. I train and sell, my own and consignments.

But I’m also in the business of patience. I believe in giving a horse a chance to catch its breath, some time to adjust, a safe space to react and refocus. I don’t believe in 30 days being fair to a horse. I don’t believe in rushing them before they’re prepared. I don’t believe in pushing them beyond what they can reasonably handle. I believe in gentle but firm. I believe in patience.

I’m in the business of education and in some cases, re-education. I believe in giving a horse tools and knowledge of how to use those tools before I ask them to execute something flawlessly. I believe in going back to the basics, groundwork and manners, before ever asking them to perform. I don’t believe in cutting corners. I believe in all the “small stuff” as a foundation, not an afterthought. I don’t believe in building a house on sand and expecting it to stand the test of time.

I’m in the business of listening to the horse, even if that means disappointing their owners. I believe in the horse coming first, regardless of their price tag, their bloodlines, or your hopes and dreams for them. I believe in looking for the root of the problem instead of patching a band-aid on it and hoping for the best.

I’m in the horse business, sure. But that’s not just my job title; it’s my way of life.

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